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Invited Speakers

IONS Balvanyos 2017 is glad to host a great number of distinguished local Invited Speakers.


  • Ștefan ANTOHE                         Dean of Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest
  • Traian DASCĂLU                      General Director of INFLPR
  • Gheorghe DINESCU                Head of Plasma Processes, Materials and Surfaces Laboratory, INFLPR
  • Maria DINESCU                        Head of Photonic Processing of Advanced Materials Laboratory, INFLPR
  • Ion MIHĂILESCU                      Head of Laser-Surface-Plasma Interactions Laboratory, INFLPR
  • Mihail Lucian PASCU              Head of Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory, INFLPR
  • Nicolaie PAVEL                         Head of Solid-State Quantum Electronics Laboratory, INFLPR
  • Adrian PETRIȘ                          INFLPR OSA Student Chapter Advisor
  • Gabriel SOCOL                         Head of Laser Department, INFLPR
  • Angela STAICU                         Institute for Atomic Physics SPIE Student Chapter Advisor
  • Cătălin TICOȘ                           Head of Accelerators Department, INFLPR
  • Ion TISEANU                             Scientific Director of INFLPR
  • Valentin VLAD                           President of the Romanian Academy
  • Nicolae Victor ZAMFIR             Project Director of Extreme Light Infrastructure-Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP)
  • Marian ZAMFIRESCU              Head of Center for Advanced Laser Technologies (CETAL), INFLPR